Ramekin Glass Candle

Ramekin Glass Candle

Rocks Glass Candle

Premium natural soy wax candle hand poured into a 22cl vintage style rocks glass. Burn time over 40 hours.

Choice of fragrances: British Berries, Clean Warm Cotton, Cream Biscuit, Forbidden Fruits, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie, Sweet Pea Bloom, Woodland Fantasy

Key Features

Natural wax burns cleanly, slowly and evenly
Reusable vintage glassware
Refill service available

Buying as a gift? Add a satin lined presentation box for the perfect present.

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Rocks Glass Candle

Choice of fragrances:

  • British Berries: British strawberries and blueberries, sweetened with powdered vanilla. A wonderfully fruity blend!
  • Clean Warm Cotton: White musk, sun-ripened oranges and eucalyptus combine to create the freshly laundered essence of warm cotton.
  • Cream Biscuit: Sweet, creamy, whipped vanilla layered with soft spicy cinnamon and roasted nuts deliver a truly irresistible gourmand fragrance.
  • Forbidden Fruits: Ripe pomegranate, sweet lychee and ruby guava fused with English pear, crisp apple and juicy peaches produce a delightful fresh fruity fragrance.
  • Honeysuckle Jasmine: Alluringly sweet and fresh floral fragrance.
  • Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie: Sweet strawberries perfectly balanced with tart rhubarb. A heavenly combination!
  • Sweet Pea Bloom: A delicate floral fragrance that seduces with a gentle, elegant and sensual aroma.
  • Woodland Fantasy: Explore the forest with this earthy fragrance of wood notes, warming patchouli, sweet berries, grated spices, and autumn leaves.
More Information
Container Type Vintage Glassware
Container Detail Rocks Glass
Fragrance Type Fragrance Oil
Wax Soy Wax
Wick Cotton
Size 22cl
Burn Time 40 Hours
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Using your candle

So that you enjoy your candles as much as we enjoyed making them, we recommend that you follow the simple tips below:

  • When using your candle for the first time, we suggest that you burn it until a least a pool of wax extends to the edges of the container. This is known as the melt pool. The melt pool is what throws the fragrance, the larger the melt pool the greater the fragrance thrown. A candle has a memory and this will ensure that the candle will remember to burn to the edges on each subsequent burn.
  • Maintain the wick by keeping it trimmed to a quarter of an inch. This is especially important if any "mushrooming" should appear on the wick. Nail clippers are a great tool to use to trim the wick.
  • Use your candle safely. Keep naked flames out of reach of children and pets and nowhere near curtains or other combustible materials. The glass container will heat up during use so please wait for it too cool down before handling.