We take an artisan approach when handcrafting our candles. At each stage of the process, from cutting and setting the wick, to mixing and pouring the fragrant wax; from trimming and dressing the finished candle to packing ready for you to enjoy; we strive for quality and apply the utmost attention to detail.

Being handcrafted not every candle will look identical; sometimes there may be minor colour variations or the odd air bubble on the surface. The high concentration of fragrance we mix throughout the candle may sometimes give an embossed appearance on the surface. We could try to iron out these idiosyncrasies however we choose not to as we believe that they add character and beauty.

Natural Materials

Our candles are made using pure soy wax. We love using soy wax as it is a natural product which burns cleanly. We do not use paraffin which produces potentially harmful black soot when it burns and is listed as one of the top contributors to indoor pollution due to the diesel compounds and carcinogens given off when burnt.

Soy wax candles don't produce any carcinogens. Soy wax is biodegradable, renewable, and water soluble which means that spills can be cleaned up simply with soap and water. As well as burning cleaner, soy wax burns cooler and more slowly than paraffin by 30-50%. This means that a soy wax candle can burn up to twice as long than a paraffin candle, giving you twice the candle and value for money.

Our wicks are Eco friendly, they are made using unbleached cotton which is tightly interwoven with a fine paper thread and outer jacket. Our wicks do not contain metals including lead and zinc which can cause soot and contribute to health issues.


We are supplied by top perfumers on the UK and European market. Our candles are ultra scented, being mixed at the highest recommended fragrance concentrations, to give a long lasting, room enveloping scent.

Vintage Glassware

We pour the candle wax into classic vintage glassware to enhance the beauty of our candles. As our candles burn, the light refracts and reflects around the glass giving you an alluring illumination.

We encourage our customers to reuse the glassware by simply washing in warm soapy water or placing in the dishwasher.